Why Backing is Different Than Traditional Cosigning

June 1, 2017

Traditional cosigning is a great way for anyone with a poor credit score, or little to no credit history borrow money, but it can be a risk for the cosigner. At Backed, we have reinvented cosigning. For us, It's not just about the bottom line, it's about the relationship. Unlike traditional cosigning, Backed, Inc. offers several layers of cosigner protection throughout the length of the loan.

Backed Inc. Partners with Tiny House Lending

May 17, 2016

Today we are announcing the partnership with Tiny House Lending, a service that matches users with lending partners to originate loans for the building or buying of a Tiny House.

How to Best Pay Off Your Debt

Feb 17, 2016

In our last post, we talked about how to stop accumulating debt. Now it’s time to talk about the best resources you can use to begin paying off your debts.

How to Stop Accumulating Debt

Feb 1, 2016

Ready to be financially independent? Click here to be one step closer.

4 Free Tools for Financial Fitness

Jan 3, 2016

The Internet is great for many things – random, Netflix binging and, yes, free personal finance tools. That’s right – all of the tools we are about to tell you about are completely free! Pretty epic.

It’s All About Your Credit Score

Dec 20, 2015

Your credit score reflects your “financial risk” and affects how you will be priced on different credit products. A higher credit score means more savings for you.

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